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Flooring AE is a unique name in the Vinyl Flooring Dubai companies of UAE. Choosing the best flooring company is very important as floors are an imminent part of our place. Flooring AE is the best choice if you want your home or office flooring by professionals.

We provide a durable, satisfactory, and gratifying job. We don’t compromise on any aspect of flooring products. All kinds of flooring services like Vinyl Flooring Dubai, laminate flooring, floor tiles, etc. are served by us. Our company comprises a staff of professionals and a team of experts.

We offer you the best interior ideas and deliver you the best products as well. We serve our clients everywhere for flooring services. Flooring AE has made its name in the Vinyl Flooring Dubai market by over the years of experience and best quality products, that’s why our company is the first choice of many people all over the UAE.

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Flooring AE: Who We Are

We as a team of experts focus on perfection and customer Satisfaction.

Flooring AE has its unique name in supplying and installing the best Vinyl Flooring Dubai for more than 15 years. We are the best Flooring Supplier of flooring products all over the UAE.

We provide all kinds of flooring products made up of rubber, stone, vinyl, bamboo, wood, etc that fulfill the customer’s needs. Specifically, We provide all types of hardwood flooring and vinyl flooring Dubai in various colors, textures, and designs.


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Types Of Flooring - Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Flooring AE  comes first in providing Home consulting, measuring, and installation services of the best Flooring Dubai. Therefore flooring can be a lifetime service so we never compromise about services and products. 

We provide many services for floorings like Parquet Flooring, Vinyl Flooring Dubai, and Wooden Flooring Dubai. It is the best choice to influence interior beauty.  Parquet wood flooring will never let you down because they are mainly designed to enhance the beauty of your interiors.

We are experts at creating your very own personalized space by best Gym Flooring installation where you can walk, do workouts, and feel comfortable.

Flooring AE also provides and installs Vinyl Plank Flooring or PVC Flooring Dubai. It is a good option for bathrooms, kitchens, and the basement as they have strong holding power for moisture and also provides an adorable look to your interior. Bathroom flooring or kitchen flooring Dubai and Vinyl Flooring Dubai reduce the splashing effect of water and also reduce the risk of slipping. The bathroom Tiles are environmentally friendly too.

Carpet Flooring Dubai and carpet tiles are a popular option for people who need a timeless and decent look for their place, same as marble tiles and outdoor tiles used for protection or good-looking purpose especially for the outside environment of your interior place. this kind of flooring is best that also looks good and affordable too

Quality Flooring With Flooring AE

What We Offer

Flooring AE is one of the best Vinyl Flooring providers with numerous successes for both residential and commercial purposes in Dubai. We offer a wide range of flooring products made up of vinyl, rubber, stone, bamboo, wood, etc. we also provide different kinds of installation services like vinyl flooring, gym flooring, LVT flooring, wood, and bamboo flooring. 

  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Parquet Flooring
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Grass Carpet
  • Gym Flooring
  • LVT Flooring

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Pros Of Vinyl Flooring Dubai

  • Vinyl Flooring Dubai is one of the most important elements for all of us that only requires professionals to lay it down properly. All kinds of  Flooring services are available at Flooring AE.
  • Flooring AE is one of the best Vinyl Flooring Dubai providers with numerous successes. For both residential and commercial purposes. 
  • We provide the best vinyl flooring installation service. 
  • The best part is that Vinyl Flooring Dubai looks super great and you can enjoy a fancy look at your house. that is available in different colors and styles. 
  • We also provide carpet flooring or laminate flooring. laminate flooring is alternative and affordable to other floorings. laminate comes in a variety of densities and grades. That can easily install with a limited time 
  • We provide our customers with limited-time delivery on all-over designs, sizes, and colors in all our UAE. Flooring AE pride itself on our reliability in-stock position, shipping, and installation service

Our Completed Projects

Why Choose Us For Quality Vinyl Flooring Dubai

Flooring AE is one of the best flooring companies in Dubai and provides all kinds of flooring and services related to them in a very professional way. We are the best Vinyl flooring Dubai suppliers and fixers. All kinds of flooring services are available to us.

We stock and sell a wide range of high-quality luxury SPC flooring Dubai in various colors, designs, and textures to suit all kinds of places and projects, all at the best price. We are the best luxury Vinyl Flooring Dubai providers with numerous successes. For both residential and commercial purposes, provide and install the best vinyl floors that are available in different colors and styles. 

Flooring AE provides the best Parquet flooring Dubai Fixing & Installation service. It does not cost much, is reliable, and is easy to install. We also provide laminate flooring  Dubai and wooden flooring Dubai. These kinds of vinyl flooring Dubai are available to us in various colors, textures, and designs that decor your interiors. 

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